Extreme Shooting – Real Guns Experience ? Krakow

Have Ever Shot a Real Gun like Kalashnikov or Shotgun?

Ready to grab a gun and enjoy extreme shooting in Krakow? Spend an hour at the shooting range and try a wide range of real battle weapons. You can choose from the famous Kalashnikov (AK-47) recognized as the deadliest weapon in the world, Revolver, Glock, Saiga, M4 and Shotgun. Which one suits you best? The instructor will help you choose the right weapon and teach you how to hold a gun, load it and shoot the bullseye. 

This is truly men’s entertainment that you will remember for a long time, also you will keep your target as a memento. Just pick most suitable package 20, 27, 37 or 52 per person. Feel like a real sniper and check which of your friends is the best shooter! Discover new skills and feel the adrenalin, which is released with the push of a trigger. There is only you, bullet and the aim – try not to miss!

In a shooting range located several dozen kilometres from the crowded centre, you will be able to use real weapons completely safely. Don’t worry: safety first! You will be trained, you will get safety glasses and hearing protection and everything will be done under the guidance of professionals! All you have to do is take at least one person with you, a positive mood and courage! This is the only place where you can use the most famous weapons in the world! Aim at the shield and try to control the trembling hands! 

Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included. So, which package are you choosing?

Shooting Range in Krakow - Fire Some Guns For Great Fun!

Firing range in Krakow is visited everyday by children and adults, men and women alike. Why is it so popular among different groups of people? Probably because all of the happy clients of shooting range want something exciting which helps to relax and have a lot of fun. It’s a nice opportunity to take your anger out, chill and let positive energy fulfil you. You can forget about everything, there is only your gun, shooting shield and you.

Firing range is great idea for a birthday present. Mother, brother, girlfriend? Don’t you want to surprise them? Give them something special? It’s also perfect opportunity if you want to spend some time together, having lots of fun. It may surprise both of you who will shoot more accurately. Maybe it’s your hidden talent? Just imagine the face of your loved one when he opens the envelope to see the invitation to the shooting range in Krakow.

Maybe you are looking for an idea how to spend hen do or stag night? It’s the only night like that in your life. Time to say goodbye to a single life for good. It’s time to celebrate. The wedding is coming. You need to get rid of stress caused by all the preparations. Let them leak out of you with the little help of bullets. Believe or not, it’s a relief. And a lot of satisfaction in the end. Don’t plan just beer and dico for this special night. Think about something which involves you all together. You can compete with each other and then we may suggest a lunch/ dinner together. It’s not that easy to find a place in the restaurant for a group of people during the lunchtime. Especially in good restaurants. Tell us earlier and we will book a place for you and drive you there. And later on the night is yours!

How to make a school trip awesome adventure? How to engage children in fair competition, responsible sport? To give them a lesson and show rare activity which may inspire them for further training? Something you can offer to the whole class, because it doesn’t demand being fit or strong. It’s loud and exciting. Perfect for both timid bookeater and class joker. They are tired of sitting lifestyle, where everything is calm and tamed. They want to be loud, to let the heart beat faster and just pull the trigger. And it’s something they will talk about days after. If this is the day which belongs to them, why won’t we spoil them a little? Offering them firearm proves that we trust them and believe that they are responsible. And this is how we want to raise them, right?

Another group that often visits shooting range in Krakow is a business men and business women for integration party. It’s perfect idea how to gather your employees and spend some time together. Whether it’s the time to get to know new people in the team or celebrate well done project. You can feel like one of movie stars with the real rifle in your hands. Closing one eye, aiming, pulling the trigger… Sounds like fun, isn’t it? All your colleagues from the office now standing in the straddle position with a gun. This is definitely something integrating the whole team. And helps to relax after a stressful day.

Is there anything you should remember during this exciting activity? The most important thing is to always treat a gun like it is loaded. Which means do not point towards anybody (including you!), even as a joke. Another important tip is not to hold your hand on the trigger. And always make sure there is nobody on your fire line. Of course shooting range in Krakow is safe and it’s almost impossible to enter somebody’s lane, but is a basic safety rule. It’s better to remember about this from the beginning of your adventure with guns. It’s not a toy and we should always remember about it.

Visiting shooting range in Krakow is definitely a perfect idea how to spend nice afternoon full of adrenaline and lot of positive energy. If you want to get rid of stress, anger and any other bad emotions there is no better way. Especially that nobody gets hurt! Who knows, maybe you are perfect sniper?