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Go-Karting Race – Speed on “Kubica’s” Track

Bigger group = Lower price

Select option or/and number of participants 2 ÷ 32


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More Fun than Racing at the Traffic Lights!

Get ready for exciting indoor go-kart racing in Krakow. Compete with your friends and spin the best lap time on modern karts. Winner stands on the podium. You will keep your lap times as a memento. Just pick most suitable package 16 or 32 minutes per person. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included.

Get Inspired

Go-Karting In Krakow

Motorsport for everyone without driving license? A child speeding safely around the track? Yes, it’s possible! Legal, easy and safe. Let us introduce you to kart racing. Four-wheeled vehicles are waiting for you to try your best. Do you think you can win with your kid? Are you sure you can beat your sister? It’s an entertainment for the whole family!

How-To-Drive Lesson

No matter if you are enthusiast of automotive sports or not, you need try this one. A go-kart or go-cart is a small open car that can be used for racing by people who aren’t professional racers. Of course, there’re go-karting races.  It can introduce future drivers to motor racing. This is the easiest way to check how it’s like to be in control of such a vehicle. Maybe you will find a new passion? For sure you will have a lot of fun.

Like A Star

Just to mention Robert Kubica his racing career started right from go-carts. Therefore, we’re happy to welcome you on a track that was built with Robert Kubica himself. It’s 320 meters long and 6 meters wide and it considered as one of the most demanding ones in southern Poland.

What To Expect

Begin your experience with pickup from your Krakow hotel or hostel – our representative will come to meet you there and assist you during the activity. To the venue you will travel in a comfortable private minibus. Travel time isn’t longer than 45 minutes starting from the main market square. Yes, it’s bit far off the city center you may say, however it’s definitely worth it – it was hard to build new track closer to the uptown. For the activity, you will receive helmet and be insured as it’s considered an extreme motor sport. Full equipment, safety instructions and racing rules will be provided by activity instructors. Each participant will experience activity in a selected option. The activity is organised exclusively for you and you will have 1,5 hrs for the game. You will race in 8 minute runs with 8 minutes breaks to rest, relax and compare lap times. After the activity is finished our representative will assist you back to your drop off destination.

Approximate activity time with round-trip transfers: 2,5-3,5 hours. It depends on group size and selected go-karting option.

Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Indoor go-karting experience in selected activity option
  • Go-karting instructors
  • Robert Kubica go-karting track rental
  • Local guide assistant
  • Full equipment (helmets, insurance)
  • Printouts with lap times as a memento
  • Private activity
  • Round-trip private transfer from your hotel/hostel


  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Soft drinks
Activity Options

32 minutes: 4 rides x 8 minutes per person:

  • Training
  • Qualification
  • Race 1: pole position first in the grid
  • Race 2: pole position last in the grid
Track & Karts Specification

Indoor Track – 360 meters long, 6 meters wide

The track was built with Robert Kubica himself, F1 GP driver and WRC2 World Champion.

The track is 360 meters long and 6 meters wide and it considered as one of the most demanding ones in southern Poland. It has individual ventilation system that removes the fumes for the convenience of the visitors.

Karts – engine: 200 cc, horsepower: 6.5 h. p., max speed: 80 km/h

You will be racing on new generation karts by Sodi model RX8 – there are 12 karts available. Read the specs below:

  • Engine – 200cc
  • Horsepower – 6.5 h.p.
  • Maximum speed – 80 km/h
  • Regulated pedals and seat depending on your size — from 1.40 to 1.90 m height
Departure & Return

Departure Point

Pickup points arranged individually. Usually pick up point is at your hotel or if it is on the street with restricted traffic within 5 minutes walking distance. Pickup is free of charge for hotels within Krakow.



Departure Time

Times to be individually arranged.

Return Details

Return location to be individually arranged.

Additional Info
  • Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability
  • Minimum number of participants applies: 2 people
  • Dress code is sport (clothes and shoes)
  • Participants mustn’t be intoxicated to take part
Pricing, Booking & Cancellation Policy


To receive exact prices you need to customise your activity by specifying size of your group and choosing preferred package and proceed to the checkout. After that you’ll receive a detailed offer with no strings attached.


To proceed with the booking a deposit is required to be paid by credit or debit card.


For a full refund, cancel at least 5 days in advance of the start date of the experience.


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Go-Karting in Krakow - This Is Going To Be A Fast Race!
Ready? Steady? Go! Go-carts are not male dominated sport any more. It gains more and more popularity among younger and older curious drivers. Why is that so? There are a few reasons. First one is that people are looking for something exciting in reasonable price. There are some thrilling activities around Krakow but usually for a short time activity you have to pay a lot. This is perfect idea how to spend nice time in the city without losing fortune. Another reason why people try go-karting in Krakow is that they are looking for something which can make their hearts beat faster. Just think how funny it would be to chase with somebody you like, bumping into rubber fence, speeding again, watching people passing you by… Another reason why it’s so popular nowadays is that go-carts are adjusted to children. Although you can speed it up it’s still totally safe and for the younger ones it’s so much fun. You don’t need any skills, nor to be fit. Just sit in and turn it on! It’s a good option to encourage children to try driving. Driving wheel in their hands will give them a thrill and also they will feel that you trust them. But it’s not children-only entertainment! Go- Karting in Krakow is also chosen by adults. One of the most often seen group in here are people organizing stag/hen nights. They get crazy and chase each other, laugh and shout. If you want this day to be remembered forever, choose something exciting for all the participants. Especially if you all like adventures, sport, fair-play competition, and something extraordinary. This day is supposed to be unforgettable, isn’t it? And it doesn’t take much time, so you can choose it as an attraction before the main party. And there will be a lot of to talk about later on. It’s also great idea to give somebody invitation for Go-Karting in Krakow as a birthday present. Wouldn’t you like to surprise the one you love? Maybe you worked or studied to much recently and didn’t have enough time to spend together? It’s not only giving a great activity to somebody. It’s a gift of your presence which says “I want us to be together for a while, having fun”. Or maybe “I simply miss you”. Even if you are a busy person, you will always find one hour to spend, won’t you? Go-karting itself usually takes a few minutes. You need to fit a helmet before the ride and quickly listen what the instructor wants to tell you. And it’s an all-year activity. Which means that it doesn’t matter if it’s boiling hot, heavily raining, or freezing outside. Go-Karting in Krakow is an indoor activity and good idea for extreme weather conditions for everybody who prefer neutral temperatures. Planning a school trip? You couldn’t have found better option. Why should you take children to try go-karting rather than visiting another museum or going to the cinema? Well, firstly children love competition and action. After school they want entertainment. They just want to have fun. It’s a safe way to let them speed around, chase each other and forget for a while about everyday life. It’s a good way to show them how to drive, how to control the vehicle. And to teach them responsibility, because they have to drive together on rather narrow track. Go- Karting in Krakow is also often visited as a destination of business team-building groups. Those tiny, fast vehicles will let you feel like a cheerful child or a while. It’s a lot of fun and it doesn’t demand being fit or strong, like usually other sports. You actually don’t even have driving license. Just press the gas pedal and let it go! Think about all your friends from work chasing each other in go-karts. Sounds like fun, isn’t it? We can also help you organize a lunch after go-karting. It’s a great idea how to spend time together and gives you a thrill. Wouldn’t you like to check how your colleague from the desk in front you you drives like? And who will be faster? There is only one way to check!