Bubble Football – Funniest Game Ever πŸ“ Krakow

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Even Soft-skinned Can Play Hard Here!

Play Bubble Football for a hilarious and memorable experience in Krakow. Try your best to run and pass the ball with your upper body encased in a massive inflated bubble. Contact with other players will send you bumping and rolling. Enjoy a few other bubble games, like Sumo Wrestling and Last One Standing, before your time is up.Β Full protective equipment & transfers included.

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Different Names Of The Same Activity

What actually is Bubble Football? It’s a football with upper body inside an inflated bubble. Some people call itΒ Bubble Football, some Bubble Soccer, few Zorb Football or Zorb Soccer. However you may want to call it, it’s a great fun in a first place!

While playing you will still be able to run and kick the ball, however you will be slightly off-balanced. Smashing with your opponents will make you bump and roll, and certainly laugh. Imagine that together with your friends you are surrounded by a bubble which bounces off everybody.

How It Looks Like In Practise

Before you put the bubble on you will be instructed how to use it safely and make most fun of the game without hurting anyone including yourself. To prepare your body for this activity we also provide 15 minutes warm up with a professional fitness trainer. For knee protections we will give you knee pads. To quench thirst and keep you hydrated you will have a bottle of electrolyte soft drink.

Great majority of ourΒ TripAdvisorΒ reviewers say this game is Excellent (rating 5/5), the rest say this game is Very Good (rating 4/5). Don’t believe us, but it’s definitely worth giving it a try when you live in Krakow or you come here for a visit as we have a reputation of Number 1 Bubble Football in Krakow!

See description below for most popular game scenarios:

Bubble Football – kick, bump & roll!

Players wear the bubbles. Regular football match in teams of 4, 5 or 6 players. No fouls, no outs nor corners!

Protect VIP – save your boss!

Two teams: gangsters and bodyguards including VIP. Gangsters aim to “kill” VIP. Bodyguards protect VIP and take him safely to the base. Gangsters win when VIP is knocked down. Bodyguards win when VIP reaches the base.

Last One Standing – bump’em all!

Typical death match, no teams: each player plays against the others. Those knocked down mustn’t stand up again. Last standing player wins.

SUMO – knock him down!

SUMO wrestling in teams or 1 vs 1 – as simple as that.

What To Expect

Begin your No. 1 Bubble Football in KrakowΒ experience with pickup from your Krakow hotel or hostel – given maps directions you will have to make your way to the pick up point. To the venue you will travel in a comfortable private minibus. Travel time isn’t longer than 30 minutes starting from the main market square. For the game you will receive knee pads. Sport dress code (clothes and shoes) is required. Safety instructions and game rules will be provided by activity instructors. Each participant will experience activity in a selected option. The activity is organised exclusively for you and you will have enough time to enjoy it. If you wish to use shower facilities take towels with you. After the activity is finished you will travel back to your drop off destination.

Approximate activity time with round-trip transfers: 2,5-3 hours.Β It depends on group size that determines option.

Activity Options

20 people and less – 60 minute game + 15 minute warm-up

21 people and more – 90 minute game + 15 minute warm-up

Inclusions & Exclusions


  • World Class Bubble Football experience
  • Game instructors
  • Venue rental – indoor
  • Knee pads
  • Private tour
  • Warm up with a Pro-Trainer
  • Refreshments
  • Round-trip private transfer from your hotel/hostel


  • Alcoholic drinks
Departure & Return

Departure Point

Pickup points arranged individually. Usually pick up point is at your hotel or if it is on the street with restricted traffic within 5 minutes walking distance. Pickup is free of charge for hotels within Krakow.



Departure Time

Times to be individually arranged.

Return Details

Return location to be individually arranged.

Additional Info
  • Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability
  • Minimum number of participants applies: 6 people
  • Dress code isΒ sport (clothes and shoes)
  • Shower facilities available
  • Participants mustn’t be intoxicated to take part
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to play these games?

The equipment fully protects your upper body; your legs are subjected to risk as in regular football game. Following the instructions and body warm up exercises increase level of your safety during the games. We recommend using bumper balls wisely. Above all: wearing bumper balls gives you extra upper body protection however it does not make you immortal!

Is there any age limit of a player?

Yes, there is. Players have to have at least 13 years of age.

Is there any weight limit of a player?

Yes, there is and equals to 100 kilograms (15 stones & 10 pounds).

How to prepare for the game?

All you need to do is take your sports clothes and shoes with you.

Where does the game take place?

Usually games are indoor (sport halls) as it is more convenient and not subjected to weather conditions.

Do we really need a trainer for the game?

As the games are also sport activities it is believed that proper body warm up decreases susceptibility to injuries. Our trainers are professionals in a field of sport and fitness and you will guide you trough full body warm up exercises.

Pricing, Booking & Cancellation Policy


To receive exact prices you need to customise your activity by specifying size of your group and choosing preferred package and proceed to the checkout. After that you’ll receive a detailed offer with no strings attached.


To proceed with the booking a deposit is required to be paid by credit or debit card.


For a full refund, cancel at least 5 days in advance of the start date of the experience.

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  1. Edmund H

    Trying to plan a fun weekend in Krakow? Use BumperBall …
    I had to organise a stag weekend for a group of 12 men and found it quite stressful – that’s a lot of organisation, with a lot of people looking at you when things aren’t going to plan! There are so many possibilities and many different websites offering services. I came across Piotr at Bumperball.pl quite late on – it was immediately clear in the speed and clarity of his correspondence that he was very serious on ensuring things went as smoothly as possible for us. In the end, we tried Bubble Football, Escape Rooms and, at very late notice, Piotr helped get a group of us on a Salt Mine tour.
    For the able bodied, Bubble Football simply must be tried – it was our first activity and we were all talking about it for the rest of the weekend. We were driven there and back. There was a lot of traffic which meant we got there slightly late, but any re-arrangements necessary were all handled behind the scenes – we just arrived and had a great time. The Escape Rooms, at the end of the weekend with people slightly more subdued, also went down very well. The Salt Mine is incredible – absolutely vast – if you spend time in Krakow, make sure you have a look.
    A very big thanks to the BumperBall team. My friend told me he couldn’t have wished for a better stag.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  2. Tim

    Bacherlot party activity
    It was very warm that weekend, we were 8 with a real hangover and had so much fun. We laughed as never before.
    Pick up and organisation was top.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  3. Rick

    Really good afternoon for groups to let off steam.
    A really easy process in booking this activity and Lukas kept us up to date with what was required and the activities involved. I organised this for my son’s stag party and they all enjoyed the experience. A bit too energetic for me approaching my 65th year so I visited the local culture and sights. The girl co-ordinator was very helpful and a fine time was had by all. Would recommend this for stag parties (or hen parties).

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  4. Paul S

    Bubble football
    Fantastic stag activity, Lukas organised everything for me including airport transfers for the weekend in great mini buses. Would definitely recommend.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  5. Gary S

    Great stag activity
    We came on a stag do and had a great time! Our host organised a great venue which made it even better and took some cool photos off us as we played. He also helped us arrange a transfer for a good price and was generally really helpful

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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Bubble Football in Krakow - Yeah, There's No Better Place For It in Town!
An activity using bumper balls is rather new and really original sport. It’s not that popular, simply because it’s rather exclusive and nobody plays it in the garden. But now you can afford this luxury! Nowadays it’s gaining more and more popularity. Just imagine how typical soccer can be changed into something special. The rules are similar but… You can safely run into somebody and fall together, rolling around. Does it sound like a entertainment only for children? Definitely it’s not. Mostly Bubble Football is visited by adults and teenagers. Often, when a Team Leader is looking for a plan how to integrate his or her people, they choose Bumper Ball. They want something which will help people get to know each other. An activity which doesn’t demand being strong or fit. Bubble Football is a physical activity which is actually more about making use of bubble you are hidden into than scoring points. There is no other situation in your life, that you can bounce off somebody or something and don’t get hurt, right? That’s why Bumper Ball in Krakow is often visited as a perfect place for integration both for adults and children. You can forget about job, deadlines, your boss, stress. Now the only thing which matters is to relax and cheer up. Can you imagine your colleague from work packed into big inflatable ball rolling on the floor? It’s time to see your team without tie and high heels. Are you ready? What about making playing this game one of the attractions of hen do / stag night? This special day should be something more than just sitting and drinking beer right? Probably you have already tried many interesting activities in your life. Of course, paintball or go-carts are also interesting option to consider. But to be honest, how many times trying something exciting simply… Stops being so exciting? Probably you already had school trips, summer school attractions, 18th birthday, birthday presents when you had opportunity to try this activities. What about something new? It’s a perfect way to get tired and become happy at the same time. Chasing each other, bumping into each other, rolling around the floor… Does it sound like something you will remember for a log time? Definitely! Bubble Football involves all of the participants and nobody have to wait for their turn. It’s a real match! You can expect a warm up before the game and english-speaking animator, who will instruct you and advise, if you have any doubts. We also organize pick up and drop off service so feel like a boss or queen don’t have to think about transport to and from. Sounds like a good idea? If you think what to buy for a present to the somebody you care, Bubble Football will be it! It’s an original present offered with love. You can also involve yourself in this plan and propose spending this time together. What about organizing the whole family and surprising your sister with such a gift? Can you imagine her face? How surprised she will be when she will open an envelope? Or maybe It’s your father’s birthday and you want him to have fun and spend this time together, because he works a lot? He will really appreciate all family thinking about him and organizing such a nice time together. It’s pure entertainment for the whole family and interesting alternative for family gatherings. You will remember this afternoon for a long time. And it doesn’t take much time, so you can organize it also during working days, in the afternoon or evening. Zorb Football is also nice idea to take your class for a school trip. Children simply love sport and this one is very special. As you know kids run away, chase each other, unfortunately it’s possible that they get hurt. No in this case. They finally can, and even should come against each other and all this without negative emotions. That’s the best in bubble soccer! That will be very good idea to let them scream, shout, run, laugh and lose this energy they accumulate the whole day. Don’t you find this idea perfect to take young people to have a lot of fun together? Maybe even playing with a teacher? This will integrate the whole class. Watching your teacher rolling in the bubble is surely unforgettable experience! Time to forget about standard ideas like ice-cream, cinema or museum and present your class an activity which is something new for them. Bubble Soccer is also chosen by corporation workers. Business integration must be exciting for everybody, who sits a lot in front of computer. A lot of deadlines, work, stress and new information? It’s time for a break! New faces in the team? They need to know better their colleagues from the desks around. It’s time to move further than to the kitchen for a lunch break. Nice evening together where everybody can participate is waiting for you. Bubble Football will enable you spend some time together trying new things. How many times did you have opportunity to bump into your colleague surrounded by a huge airy bubble? After such an evening you will all be friends still giggling, when you will remember some moments from Bubble Football match.