Take Your Class for a Classy Trip!

School Group from Birmingham

Many times we had a chance to proof that we are open for every kind of a group.

Last week we organised a special event for a group of 40 teenagers from Birmingham. They came to Poland to celebrate end of the year and beginning of summer holiday.

Their teachers made this time special and exciting. They picked two activities from our offer – White Water Rafting and Paintball. To make this event safe and comfortable for all of them we divided them into two groups. Each group had their group leader - teachers and our tour assistant to help. So, at the same time, the two went to two different locations to participate in activities.

On the White Water Rafting they had four rounds, they had a great time and a lot of fun. The weather conditions was perfect: it was warm and sunny day. They even could swim in the river a bit.

At the same time the other group was having fun on the Paintball. They had all equipment, military clothing, and guns with colourful bullets. On the battlefield they had a chance to release their energy, run around and chase up the competitors. I saw they were really excited and involved into the game.

Both groups after first activity was taken to another location, so everyone could enjoy the two activities. This day was full of joy, laughter, adrenaline and endorphins.

However, I think we cannot forget about education even during the summer holiday, especially if we are talking about a school trip. The teachers thought about this aspect as well, that’s why the group went to the Auschwitz for a guided tour to learn something about history of II World War.

Want to Enquire about the Activities for Your School Trip to Krakow?

We Can Organise Great Time for Your Pupils in Krakow

If you are a teacher or parent, and you are looking for some ideas to organize school trip or just celebrate their successes just contact us. We can arrange different activities suitable for teenagers, like Bubble Football, White Water Rafting, Laser Tag, Escape Room, Paintball, Go–Karting, Go Jumping or Archery Tag.

But also we can offer you activities with educational aspect like our City Tours for example to Auschwitz, Schindler’s factory, Wawel Royal Castle - so they will have a chance learn a lot about Polish history, culture, traditions, architecture and more.

Feel free to phone us or send a quote for details.

Hungry not only for adventures? We still can help!

You are our top priority!

Our priority is to make your trip to Cracow as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We are aware that organising stag or hen party in different country can be complicated, but not with us 😉

We want to make it very easy for you, so from the time you touch down on the airport we can take good care of you. We are offering you the airport transfers, we will pick you up and drive to the hotel. Before the activity our pilot will pick you as well and drive to the activity place.

What we can do for you?

You often ask our pilots about places where you can eat a nice dinner, so today I would like to tell you more about another convenience which we prepared. We can book a table for you in the restaurant and drive you there after our event. In the peak time especially during weekend it could be a problem to find a place for bigger group and have a decent meal together so it’s important to organise this earlier.

Restaurants which we recommend

We prepared three places for you which we can recommend, we can book a table for you there and drive you straight after the event , so you don’t have to worry about anything. This are three different cuisine:

So if you like this option just let us know before or tell your pilot before activity, and we will take care of the rest. Only thing you have to do is to pick what do you fancy. Enjoy!

Interested in adventure time before or after dinner? Hit the button to find out more.

Bonfire & Sausages | New Perks During The Quad Biking!

For your better experience

We are all the time changing for you guys, improving our skills, diversifying our offer, trying to provide you with a better and better experience. One of the examples is new "attraction" which we've prepared for you: the bonfire during the quad biking.

Why bonfire?

Sitting around bonfire is very popular way to spend time with family and friends in Poland. The atmosphere is little different than in a barbecue, bit more magical. For this reason we've decided that is good idea to give you the opportunity to experience this with us.

Our quad biking area is situated around 35 minutes from the city centre in beautiful village with an awesome view. If your group is bigger than 7 people we split you into two groups. While your friends are riding quad bikes in the first turn you can use the waiting time to roast some delicious snacks. 

If you look for an outdoor adventure and want to try sausages fried over the bonfire just hit the button to read more about quad-biking activity.

This is a gift for you

We provide food: Polish sausages, bread and a fresh vegetable salad. You will roast your sausages over the fire by yourself and feel for a moment like on scouts camp.

The neighbourhood where the ride takes place is nice, the view is great and this makes a perfect place for bonfire. During the "sausage time" you can ask our pilot about Krakow - special attractions, food to try and what else is worth seeing and doing while visiting the town.

We hope that you like this idea and you will spend an awesome time with us.

Create Team Spirit With Us Not With Spirits

Excellent weather perfect for outdoor activities

This year we can experience an excellent spring in Poland, sometimes we can feel like on some tropical island. In this time of the year our outdoor activities as Bubble Football, Archery Tag, Paintball, Quad Biking, Off Road, White Water Rafting are even more enjoyable. 

Two weeks ago we had amazing opportunity to organise this kind of incentive outdoor event for one company from Cracow. It was a nice challenge for us to make event for 60 co-workers.

How we organise event for such a big group?

Our instructors split all people for three different groups, so they could take part in different activity at the same time. Every hour team was changing activity, so everyone could experience all of them.

One team were playing Bubble Football, One Last Standing and VIP, another one was fighting in Archery Tag, we also cooperate with other company who organise another archery experience. We are open for this kind of cooperation, everything to make our customers happy and satisfied.

We are ready to prepare this kind of adventure for your team to build team spirit, integrate them and give chance to completely relax, clear mind and charge batteries.

Good atmosphere at work first!

We know how important is good atmosphere at work , so if you are looking for ideas for your team, we can organise great event with lots of adventures for you. So you can integrate your co-workers, have a lot of fun, get to know each other better. You will reduce the stress and start another day at work relaxed with new energy.

Bubble Football | Frame Good Experiences

Happy time never to forget!

No matter what activity you come for they are supposed to produce good memories while you have fun with your best friends. We all like to go back to our best times our our lives. Often time, to do that, we look at the pictures that frame our smile, catch what is hard to catch as it triggers good memories. Even for me, who did't see the bubble football game of the group, photos showing smile and more smile paint the full story that could possible happen that day when the group played the bubble soccer. 

Take it easy. We'll take a photo for you!

Just recently, we take the photos during that experience you enjoy so you can fully immerse in the positive activity forgetting about taking selfies and photos to catch the moment.

If you wish we can video your experience

We used to do it in standard bubble football offers some time ago but now we only do it on a special request. Take a look at the clips we did in the past and maybe you'd like to have one for you too? www.bumperball.pl/activities/bubble-football/

If you want a great experience in the activities we provide - just give us a call or drop us a line!

Tame the tide! – Rafting Adventure

Nice weather = time for rafting!

Want to enjoy rafting without leaving the town? That's possible in Krakow and we can help with that!

Slalom Canoeing Trak

Rafting takes place on 320 m course for Mountain Canoeing with water flow volume that equals to 15 cubic meters per second - what is more then in mountain rivers. Your safety will not be at risk as the banks are close and you wear vest and helmet.

Each year many professionals sportsmen come to train and compete on the track. This yea from 29.06 to 01.07 there will be the ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup 2.

See what we've got for you!

4 or 8 rides incl. transfers:

✓ 4 or 8 rides per person
✓ Full equipment (life vests, helmets)
✓ English-speaking rafting instructor
✓ English-speaking guide
✓ Duration: 1-2 hours
✓ Return transfers

Remember that the package includes pick up and drop off service from and to your hotel so no worries about getting to the track. Our tour guide will also come to meet you at the hotel and assist you during the activity making sure everything goes according to plan.

Read happy clients reviews before you book

John Mulcair recenty reviewed us on TrustPilot:

I made a booking with Piotr from Bumper Ball for a large group to do white water rafting. Firstly he was very friendly and easy to deal with. He was very helpful in organising our activity for us. We had a fantastic day. Piotr and his staff were very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend using Bumper Ball in future. Thank you Piotr - John ( Ireland )

Be like Dirty Harry – New shooting package!

Did he fire 6 shots or only 5?

Even Harry says: "I kinda lost track myself".
- What's your answer? I would pass playing this game with Harry, would you? 😉

.44 Magnum - most powerful handgun in the world!

Come on and give it a try - you will have all 6 shots to find out if it's true.
- You'd want to have more shoots?
Probably - if you're new to shooting - your hand wouldn't handle it. The recoil is really strong in this gun. Yeah, so how strong Dirty Harry has to be to hold it in one gun and fire it right in the target while walking? WOW!

See what we've got for you!

71 bullets incl. transfers:

→ 15 shots: GLOCK 9 mm
→ 20 shots: UZI 9 mm
→ 15 shots: AK-47 KALASHNIKOV 7.62x39 mm
→ 10 shots: AR-15 SIG SAUER M400 5.56x45 mm
→ 5 shots: SHOTGUN 12/76 Ga
→ 6 shots: MAGNUM Revolver Taurus cal. .357

Remember that the package includes pick up and drop off service from and to your hotel so no worries about getting to the firing range. Our tour guide will also come to meet you at the hotel and assist you during the activity making sure everything goes according to plan.

Read happy clients reviews before you book

To check how good we are at providing activities in Krakow read our reviews on TripAdvisor. Plenty of them are about shooting.

5 x 5! – 5 activities with 5-star rating :)

Groups, groups, groups

We host lots of different clients, mostly bachelor parties and big corporate groups. They pick one or two activities of course with door-to-door transfer – we look after our customers, so they don’t have to worry about anything. We can provide accommodation, transfers, lunch or dinner menus in the best restaurants in Krakow Old Town and of course the top level of daytime activities.

5 British lads, 5 activities

Last week we had small but anxious of adventures group of 5 British guys. They decided to go for 5 activities with us!

Adrenaline riding

The first day was a riding day. Go-karting 32 minutes ride and quad biking 60 minutes per person. They won’t forget smell of fumes and adrenaline for a long time!

Escape game & axe throw!

The second day was more peaceful but exciting as well. Pirate ship, the best escape room in Krakow and axe throwing brought a lot of fun and guys could compete who has got the best aim on throwing hatchets.

At last, but not least

Lads also wanted to play bubble football. Despite their group was quite small to play, they did it! We combined them with other little group and in that all of them could enjoyed bubble football and other bubble games.

Happy clients

To check how good we are at providing activities in Krakow read our reviews on TripAdvisor. We think that they are our best showcase.

Bumper Ball clips – probably the best short movies in the world! The Oscar coming soon ;)

Best Bubble Clips

There are a lot of Bubble Football movies on social media. Everyone who played this game wants to share that experience with their friends. We have been running this business over 3 years now. During this time we made a lot of clips. We would like to present you our favourite ones.

Team-building in Szczawnica

Stag Party at the sports hall in Krakow

School class from Norway

Another team-building in Krakow

Vote in the comments which one you like the most.

As you can see all of them were made by a professional camera man. Just let us know if you want to have such a great souvenir from your trip to Krakow. Make up your mind to play bubble football with your friends, colleagues or maybe family members.

Monotony at work… | We found a cure for this!

Monotony at work ...

Does your days look always the same? Are you tired of sitting at the desk 8 hours a day? Do you want to get away from programming, writing reports, filing documents or making coffee? Do you and your friends fancy to get a boost of energy, better know each other and spend your leisure time actively as well? If you answered yes, you need to check what we have prepared for you.

Bubble Football & Archery Tag as a solution!

It's a rattling connection! We bet you have not tried it yet. If there are from 10 to 40 people in your team, these kind of event is perfect for you. At first, you start with 15 minutes of warm-up guided by our professional trainer. When you are warmed-up, you are ready to play Archery Tag. It is a painless version of paintball because you shoot with arrows which are tipped with a soft sponge. Another play - we think that there is no need to explain you what the bubble football is. This kind of football has many supporters around the world. Running in an inflatable balloon and clashing with others brings you a lot of fun. In both games, players are divided into two teams. Our instructors carry out many game scenarios. You need to cooperate with your team-mates if you want to win. That’s how we build a team spirit! In addition, we provide transport, cooling drinks and also we can book tables in the best restaurants in Krakow.

Who are we? | User Experience Provider.

If you decide to throw a party, celebrate team success, go for a stag or hen do you might ask yourself below questions. 

Stand Alone Activity?

Say you want to go for escape room challenge or shooting contest with 16 best mates of you. In theory it seems pretty easy to organize it: you just phone the escape room or shooting range and book your sessions. In practise, this is a little bit more complicated: it's not your town, it's not your language, there's a range of providers but which one to trust. Dealing with all this can be time consuming, but you still have to go to work. The bigger your group the more difficult organising may be...

or Event Organizer?

As an event company we do not offer you solely the activity. The activity is a part of it - of course the main component. However, I would like to underline, that what we provide is a hassle free user experience.

User Experience components

✓ English speaking tour guide that meets you at the hotel and takes you to the bus, looks after you during the activity, explain the rules and acts as a translator when needed
✓ Return transfers that are private, you don't mix with others in a public transport, you don't have to order several taxi and hope there will be enough cars available at the same time and don't be late for the activity. There were clients who insisted to come by taxi - some of them were cheated by taxi drivers, some of them were late as they waited too long for taxi to arrive.
✓ Single point of payment = one invoice: you pay to us and you've everything covered, you don't have to worry about payments and invoices at the go-karting track, in the taxi.
✓ Trusted partnership - we are local and we know that our partners are the ones who are reliable. We have best products from their offer.
✓ Logistics - you come for the attraction with peace of mind that you will get there on time, everything is paid, you will have the invoice in your mailbox - you enjoy pure fun.

If you want a great experience in the activities we provide - just give us a call or drop us a line!

Fast & Furious | Go-Karting Tournament

Team-building time is now

You can see outside that the spring is slowly coming. With spring not only nature comes to life but also department of human resources or team leaders are looking for some nice team building options for their workers.

Another incentive idea

In the last post we presented you the escape room challenge as a great incentive event. Now it is time to introduce you to our next product, the go-kart tournament. At the beginning of February we had an opportunity to organise it for a large international company. Despite only managerial staff took part in the event, there were almost 40 people. For such a large group there are two ways to arrange the competition - individual and team riding. In this case, the group chose the second option and were divided into 4 teams. Each of the participants had two 8-minutes rides. The overall team result included the sum of two best lap times of each player. The winning team was awarded the cup for the fastest drivers. Second and third place received silver and bronze medals. The fourth team got a reward as well, we mean a loud applause by the others. They also announced that they will jump on the podium next time! 🙂

World class organisation level

In regard to logistics, it was arranged at the highest level. Our pilot Szymon greeted the group at the reception desk at agreed time. The second pilot Marek was already on the track to see if everything was prepared. Marek was also responsible for making the photo-relation of the event. The group was picked up from the hotel by a coach called a "bee" because of its colours. A driver who knows Krakow like the back of his hand managed to avoid traffic jams very easily and the group appeared on time on the go-kart track. Meanwhile Szymon presented to the group the safety rules and meaning of the flags used on the track, e.g the checkered black and white flag indicating the end of the race.

World class organisation level

Along the good entertainment, good food is important too. During the tournament, the participants could use the specially prepared catering for them like snacks, coffee, doughnuts, cakes,  tea or many types of juice. We also booked the tables in the restaurant in the city centre. After the go-karting we took the group there, we arrange door-to-door transfer.

We love to organise events comprehensively: the activity, the transportation, the catering. It gives us a lot of fun! Therefore, if you are part of the HR department in your company, please contact us to get our offer. We are sure that it will be a win-win business.

If your team wants accept the challenge for they incentive day - drop us a line!


Krakow Escape Room Challenge! Team Building Idea

Team Building Idea for big clients.

We're experts in dealing with groups of 12-20 people. However once a month we get a call for bigger groups too. We are always ready to stand up for the challenge to organize the event that will bring in a value to the team! Group of 70 people is like a Mount Everest! 

It's all about teamwork!

The Escape Room Challenge is designed to foster teamwork and ignite positive competition between the teams. 

Each team gets locked up in a separate room called “escape room”. It is a real life adventure game on top of its popularity. Each team has 60 minutes to “escape the room”. However, getting out it's not that easy as the key is carefully hidden. The only way to find it is to solve many logical, mathematical and mechanical riddles that are put in a well thought order - first solution leads to another. Once the last puzzle is solved it reveals the place where the key is hidden. Teamwork is a must here as there are too many puzzles for one person.

There're two types of competition...

There’s no place for the aggressive type of competition that is fight and hostile attitude. We stand tall and support the positive type of competition in which team members have to work together to achieve their common goal. Each team fights against the clock, not against the others. The game ends when the team opens the door - escape time counts to ranking.

Everyone is a winner, however benchmark counts

Escaping the room is the greatest success, however it is good to benchmark with others too. There are also medals for teams with 3 best escape times and the cup for the 1st team. The rest of teams receives ovation from the 3 best teams to show their respect for fair play and competition.

Logistics mastered to perfection

70 people gets divided into teams of 4-6 prior the game starts. Each team makes up its team name. All teams are picked up from the meeting point and transferred their escape room location in the assistance of a tour guide. The tour guides with games instructors explain the rules and keep the time. After the game the teams are transferred back to the meeting point where the award ceremony takes place. Start time: 18:30. Finish time: 21:00. 

Escape Room Challenge master plan:

✓ 14 rooms located in 3-4 locations | group of 4-6 people in one room
✓ English speaking game instructors | 1 per room
✓ Tour guide assistants | 1 per group
✓ Game duration: 60 minutes of pure game
✓ Rules explanation: 15min
✓ Return transfers (+1h) | separate bus to each location
✓ Start time: 18:30 | pick up from chosen location
✓ Finish time: 21:00 | drop off in chosen location

If your team wants accept the challenge for they incentive day - drop us a line!

Bubble Football Locations

⚽️ Bubble Football available from ❄️ Winter to 🌞 Summer! 👏

Bubble Football is one of 5 most popular attractions for stag parties, friends reunions and team-buildings. Krakow is among the most developed cities in Poland and has a lot of sports facilities where people can play Bubble Football all year round. Of course in winter people play indoor - in sport halls, and in summer on football pitches with real grass or astro turf. All our locations meet the highest standards: they've changing rooms where players can change their clothes and take a shower after the game.

In the pictures we show you our sport halls and football pitch with artificial turf. The second one is located in the heart of ancient Cracow. Just try to imagine the game with Wawel Castle in the background where many centuries ago the Polish kings and queens used to live.

📢 Weapons Showcase 🔍

Smiley Shooting GunShooting Range, Firing Rage...available weapons showcase!

Shooting is one of our TOP 5 activities. Regardless occasion. Whether it's for Stag Party, Corporate Team-Building or Friends Reunion. It definitely fits the purpose: entertain, amaze, provide new experience and rush of adrenaline. With our shooting instructors we have prepared 4 packages that give a chance to try different guns and have at least 5 shots of each to get familiar with them.

The entry package includes 30 bullets from 4 different weapons. The supreme package contains of 60 shoots from 5 different guns. There are also two mid-range: 40 and 50 bullets from 5 different guns. For more details about available packages click here: shooting packages


Glock 19 Compact

Caliber: 9 mm Luger
Capacity: 15 round
Finish: Polymer frame/Steel chamber
Weight: 1.32 lbs/598 gram

Glock 17 Standard

Caliber: 9 mm Luger
Capacity: 17 round
Finish: Polymer frame/Steel chamber
Weight: 1.38 lbs/625 gram

Uzi machine gun

Caliber: 9 mm Parabellum
Capacity: 25 round
Finish: Steel
Weight: 7.7 lbs/3492 gram

CZ Scorpion EVO3 S1

Caliber: 9 mm Parabellum
Capacity: 25 round
Finish: Polymer 
Weight: 7.7 lbs/3492 gram

AR15 - SIG SAUER m400

Caliber: 5,56x45mm NATO/ 223 Remington
Capacity: 30 round
Finish: Upper & lower steel/Tactical Rail & Stock
Weight: 7.6 lbs/3447 gram

Winchester SXP - Shotgun

Caliber: 12/76 Ga
Capacity: 5 round
Finish: Steel & composite
Weight: 6 lbs/2721 gram

AK47 - Kalashnikov

Caliber: 7,62x39 m
Capacity: 30 round
Finish: Steel & wood
Weight: 7.7 lbs/3492 gram

Remedy for bad humor and depression 😤

Feeling Depressed 😩 Sad 😢 or Tired 😫 because of the weather? We can deal with it! 😄

This week's weather proved that we are definitely in autumn. We also changed for winter time what means that days seem to be shorter. You go to work - it's dark, you finish work - it's dark. It's hard to keep positive attitude and energised with very little sun. Depression rate goes up in autumn and winter time...

OK, enough of this depressing tone! For us the bad weather isn't a reason to get depressed, sad or overwhelmed! We have a remedy to stay energised, smiley and happy! We can make a bet that you will experience a miraculous high with endorphins that will make you smile and full of energy! You will get from here 😢 to 😄 in a matter of minutes!

The endorphins high starts with a 15 minutes warm up. With low temperatures it's very important for your muscles and joints to get ready for some sport movement. The warm up starts slow - your heart rate increases, and becomes gradually intense towards the 15 minute. At this point your face and eyes are smiling 😊...drops of sweat on your forehead! 😅

Now you're ready to get familiar with bubble games health and safety instructions. You catch them in an instant and are willing to put the bubble on! For a start, 2 halves of bubble football which give a good kick of energy and laughter. Team work plays a key role here. Balanced violence to football skills ratio is also necessary 😉 Most teams keep it 60 to 40. Men teams usually go up to 80:20. Ladies keep it 20 to 80 😍. VIP is another bubble game you will definitely love for its team work and strategic thinking. Power brains and quick runners go well here. SUMO and Last One Standing is about your stamina, muscles, but not forgetting your speed and agility. 

Yeap, that's it. That's the remedy. It's not a pill. It's not a chemical. It's not a drug...but it works! 😲

Here's a prescription for you: apply with your friends, in evenings, week days and weekends. Please consult with your doctor or pharmacist before taking bubble football therapy, however all of them will tell you "just do it". 😉

Contact us and order your treatment now!

School Team Building!

School boys and girls ❤ bumping!

September, October, November. This is the time when new school term has just starte. This is when school trips come to Krakow. They do it to kick start new year of education, to gain positive mindset, to help pupils reconnect after summer break. It is a brilliant idea! 😀

It is so important to let children regain their positive attitude. Team-building activities are very helpful here. 🙂

Children can work together, experience new things and places, meet new people. We give them a wide range of activities they can pick from. The groups we hosted recently chose quad biking, go-karting and bubble football. We made a short clip capturing smiling faces while teenagers were playing.  We love when people smile! 🙂

Contact us if you want to have Bubble Football at your event.

Franciscan Monks playing Bubble Football!

Franciscan friars know how to play bubble football 🙂

Majority of our customers use our attractions for Stag & Hen parties and corporate team-buildings. Recently we had a quite unusual group. Order of Friars Minor phoned us and enquired about Bubble Football. We were invited to their annual picnic that took place in Krakow - Bronowice. The monks, during the whole day, had a chance to try several activities, for example football, shooting range, billiards, darts or bubble football. We were thrilled when the friars came to play wearing their brown habits. We thought they had to wear them at all times, even when they did sport. Fortunately, it was just a joke they did to us and they went to change in sport clothes after they successfully pulled our legs.

You may think monks just pray, serve the poor, preach, go to mass and nothing else to build their physical stamina. To our amaze they were in a very good shape and many of them were like gladiators. Those who observed, warmed up the atmosphere with loud cheering. The game was fierce and the winning team wasn’t known until the very end of the tournament.

At the end of the day we gave the cup for the winners and consolation prizes for the rest of players. Hallelujah, Amen!


Contact us if you want to have Bubble Football at your Dominicans', Jesuits', Pallotines' event!

Celebrate Small Wins!

Do you have time to celebrate?

Do you live in a culture - corporate, family, friends - which has space for celebrating wins? Once you have finished your packed to-do list do you jump on to the next one? Once you meet your projects goal do you jump to another one? Are you always busy dealing with stuff never having time to express your satisfaction after you've done a great job? Questions may go on and on... Here some advice for you. You may have heard it before and you do celebrate and notice the impact you did. Congratulations! However, we believe it is worth repeating as we tend to forget about this tiny, but super important part of our life. It is called celebrating small wins, being happy after fulfilling your small steps towards achieving your big goals. Do you want to know why it's so important for you, your team, your colleagues, family and friends? Watch the video below to get inspired:

Here are some ideas you might like for your celebration:

Team Building for real men!

Team-Building ideas for incentive events!

There are companies that treat their employees with incentive events for different occasions. Sometimes they offer team-building right after summer holidays time - like now, sometimes they want to celebrate their success like accomplishment of the project or its stage. Whatever the occasion we prepare tailored fit scenarios based on individual requirements and team characteristics.

Our most recent team-building offer was for a team of 28 men! The company said they want to have real men, off-road activities. We listened carefully and proposed below attractions including driving 4x4 cars in no road terrain, quad-biking in rough terrain and paintball in specially designed battle arena. As these activities are mostly physical we also suggested some mobile canteen with the following menu: army pea soup as a main dish before the event starts and the sausage on fire as a closing part of the team meeting.

If you would like to have this offer for your team don't wait any longer and quick contact us saying that you want to have the Off-Road Team Building or simply hit the below button.

Take a minute to find out the details of the offer. 


Quad Biking

30 minutes per person

✓ 30 minutes in rough terrain
✓ Strong 400cc, 250cc quads
✓ Quad biking English instructor
✓ Full equipment: uniform
✓ 7 quad bikes for 2 hours


200 bullets per person

✓ Different game scenarios
✓ 200 bullets per person
✓ Full equipment (overalls, guns, masks)


15 minutes drive per person

✓ 15 minutes off-road ride
✓ Off-road instructor
✓ Driving licence requirement
✓ 2 cars available for 4 hours

Mobile Canteen

Pea soup + Sausage

✓ Huge plate of pea soup
✓ Massive sausage
✓ Ketchup, Mustard
✓ 1,5 l bottle of water
✓ Bonfire for 6 hours
✓ Garden furniture
✓ Garden umbrellas

Team Building and Stag & Hen Activities in Krakow available on LinkedIn.

Yes, we are available to follow on Linkedin so do not wait to follow us!

Our LinkedIn profile is here --> Bumper Ball on LinkedIn.

Just by the way, do not forget to take a look what we've got for:

✓ your Team --> Team Building Activities!
✓ your Stag or Hen Party --> Stag & Hen Dos Ideas!

Anything from Stag & Hen Dos to Team-Buildings best in Krakow!


Top Team Building Activities in Krakow!

Your TEAM deserves what's best! 🙂

As a team leader, manager of people, sales director, football team captain, lead singer or any type of a leader you have your people and you want them to be highly effective.

We have already posted in Our Vision what makes a team a winning team - read below abstract to find out:

Getting things done, achieving goals, reaching targets is crucial for your team. However, great results are possible to achieve when something else happens in a first place. It is team spirit that makes people successful, effective and comprehensive communication that fosters great results in your project team. How do you get these things within your team?

Here's the answer: give your people free time together in a positive and relaxed atmosphere. However, remember to organize the space to avoid boredom and high spirits consumption. Instead, provide activities that require team work and release synergy. Apply games that challenge and boost competition. And...watch! You will be amazed what happens. Magic comes to action and creates bonds, opens people to people on a human level, gives a chance to chit chat and share personal high and lows. Magic comes through quality time and smiles. People are happy.

In Bumper Ball, this is what we do: we provide an organized space for your team so you can have a quality time with your friends, colleagues and family.

Just take a look what we've got for your Team --> Best Team Building Activities!

Best greetings for you and your Team! 🙂