We Love Multitasking!

We Want to Make You Happy

Our goal is to make your time in Krakow as enjoyable, exciting and unforgettable as possible. We are trying to organise new activities, we are looking for more adventures for you. However, we also want to help you with organising all of these details which can be annoying: like transport in the unknown city, accommodation and many more. So to meet your all expectations we are extending our offer constantly. 

We Can Organise Your Trip from Start to Finish

Before you come to Krakow we can give you a nice piece of advice, indicate what is worth seeing, book a decent hotel, organise activities, arrange city tours, sort out the transfer from the airport and transfers during your holiday, book a table in restaurant with delicious food, and many more. So, you don’t to care about anything, you can be relaxed and just enjoy free time in Krakow. Sounds good, huh? 

Krakow Airport Transfers – Private Bus 📍 Krakow

As Simple As Door-to-Door Transfers: Airport ⇆ your hotel

One-way and return transfers Krakow Airport ⇆ your hotel/hostel in Krakow. Save time with door-to-door private bus and fit in all your teammates & luggage into one vehicle.

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Bubble Football – Funniest Game Ever 📍 Krakow

Even Soft-skinned Can Play Hard Here!

Play Bubble Football for a hilarious and memorable experience in Krakow. Try your best to run and pass the ball with your upper body encased in a massive inflated bubble. Contact with other players will send you bumping and rolling. Enjoy a few other bubble games, like Sumo Wrestling and Last One Standing, before your time is up. Full protective equipment & transfers included.

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Extreme Shooting – Real Guns Experience 📍 Krakow

Shoot Kalashnikov and Shotgun!

Grab a gun and enjoy extreme experience in Krakow. Spend an hour in the shooting range trying wide range of real battle weapons. Learn how to hold a gun, load it and shot the bulls eye. You will keep your target as a memento. Just pick most suitable package 15, 30, 45, 50, 75 or 100 bullets per person. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included.

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Axe Throwing – “Vikings’ Bowling” With Vodka Tasting 📍 Krakow

Axe Throwing & Vodka Tasting!

If you like trying new things while in Krakow, Axe Throwing should be on the list. Hilarious and memorable experience. Try your best to hit the bull’s eye with 600 grams axe. Yes, it is similar to bowling. Full equipment, set of rules and instructors included. Between turns you will try selection of most popular Polish Vodkas’ brands.

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Escape Room – Real Life Exit Game With Local Street Food 📍 Krakow

Use Your Brain to Leave the Room. Local Food For All Finishers!

Accept the challenge to exit the room within 60 minutes. Only brain power is allowed and required as you will encounter tens of riddles and puzzles to solve before you reach for the final key. Teamwork, focus and determination help here a lot. Will you escape the room before the alarm goes off? Enjoy “Zapiekanka” – local street food after the game.

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Quad Biking Adventure – Outdoor Tour 📍 Krakow

Amazing Ride in a Rough Terrain!

Try this outdoor activity to experience adrenaline pumping in your veins and heart racing. Can you handle this 4×4 beast in no road terrain? Want to dash thru the forest, field, stream and snow? No problem here. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included.

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White Water Rafting – Extreme River in Town 📍 Krakow

Paddle Through Waves and Fight with Rapids!

You’re about to experience the water flow that equals the highest mountain streams. Extreme adventure to remember. Adrenaline spikes guaranteed. It is certain here that you will tremble with positive emotions and be totally wet. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included.

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Paintball – “Fake-blood” Bullets Battle 📍 Krakow

Feel the Hit on Your Skin!

Get your team on the battle field and enjoy paint battle. Play most wanted battle game with exciting scenarios that demand teamwork and tactics. You may have some bruises after the hits and paint on overalls but surely no serious wounds. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included.

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Use Our Knowledge and Experience

We know Krakow pretty well, we love this city, and we feel satisfaction when you pick our city for your holiday. We want to share the knowledge and experience with you, so you can get to know this city fast and in details. Both touristic landmarks and hidden gems only locals know.

In Krakow you can find a lot of interesting places: museums, monuments, galleries, theatres, beautiful parks, gardens, pubs, clubs and romantic coffee places, fancy restaurants. You can easily get lost in million choices. It is very hard to pick what is most important and worth seeing. However, you don’t have to be worry about it, because organising your time in Krakow is our passion. We have years of experience, so you can leave us the planning part.

Give Us Some Details about Your Trip and We Will Take Care of Rest

An individual approach is of great importance to us. We like to get to know you and your group better. So if you are planning trip to Krakow contact us, send some details about the type of your event so we can prepare a tailored offer for you.

To sum up, we started with Bubble Football but after years of experience our offer is much wider. We can take care of your trip from start to finish, we just need to know the date of your arrival, number of people and type of the event, and rest we can prepare for you, so you just need to approve our plan and enjoy time in Krakow.