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Mountain River in Krakow? Yeah! [Video]

We Do Rafting on Olympic Mountain Canoeing Track in Krakow

Less than 30 minutes away from the Main Market Square in Old Town Krakow thereโ€™s a canoeing track. Itโ€™s truly professional as many times a year it holds international rafting and canoeing world cups. The waterflow 15m3/sec is greater than many mountain rivers you probably have ever seen and it is level ww3/ww3+.

How Does It Compare To Mountain Rivers?

The international white water level scale (ww1-ww6) places the track you can enjoy rafting with us on ww3/ww3+. Itโ€™s hard to describe it, itโ€™s easy to visualize it:

  • ww1 / easy – the river is very slow with almost zero water flow. You can maneuver with great easy; no no tides, no obstacles, no cascades.
  • ww2 / moderately difficult – the river gets sudden drops, obstacles and cascades in moderate amount. Maneuvering is easy.
  • ww3 / difficult (our track) – the river is quick, tides may be high and irregular, obstacles/stones frequent, possible whirlpools. Maneuvering still possible from raft or kayak level.

  • ww4 / very difficult – Maneuvering still possible but often requires stops to plan the kayaking route. Also great alert and top kayaking skills required to maneuver safely.

  • ww5 / extremely difficult

  • ww6 / hardly possible to kayaking

Most Demanding Not Only For Newbies, But Still Safe

The track being in ww3/ww3+ level is very demanding but due to the fact it is artificial the banks are very close even if you fall into water, plus you wear a life vest and wetsuit which increases your buoyancy.

Before the activity starts our instructors – some of them took part in the Olympic Games – will tell you everything how to raft in a safe and enjoyable way.

White Water Rafting – See It In Video Clip:

White Water Rafting – Extreme River in Town ๐Ÿ“ Krakow

Want to Paddle Through Waves and Fight with Rapids?

Ready to experience the water flow the same as in the highest mountain streams without travelling far out of town? The extreme adventure you’ll remember for decades. Adrenaline spikes guaranteed. You will certainly tremble with positive emotions and be wet. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included. When do you want to start?

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