Fun Things To Do In Krakow , Bumper Ball Experiences

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When it comes to fun things to do in Krakow, there is no better place to book it than our company. We have been providing such activities and tours for many years. At the moment we focus on Krakow but we think to expand our activity to other cities like Warsaw, Wroclaw and Gdansk.

4×4! 4 Groups and 4 Different Activities

Groups from all over the world come to Krakow. No matter if you travel solo or with your friends. No matter if it is Team Building Event, Stag Party, Hen Party or School Trip. We are happy to provide you memories that you will remember for ages!

Rafting and Quad biking in Krakow… does it sound amazing? With us it’s absolutely possible. If you are not scared of white water or driving professional quads through the rough terrain like forest, streams and steep hills, these activities will meet your expectations.

While you are in Krakow you can try Bubble football or Airsoft Gun as well. Apart from Bubble football you will also play other bubble games like Bubble Sumo, Last One Standing and the most team game VIP. Just have a look at these smiling faces of our customers!

High Standards

All activities that we provide are exclusive sessions with a private transfer. Our English-speaking driver picks you up from the hotel and after a day full of adventure drives you back to any convenient place for you. Depending on the activity you always get something for free e.g. bonfire with sausages, vodka tasting or the most delicious ice cream in town. Just hit the road and explore Krakow! The next weekend is coming, we would even say that it’s just around the corner – Let’s see what experiences will bring for us πŸ™‚

Quad Biking Adventure – Outdoor Tour πŸ“ Krakow

Experience Amazing Ride in a Rough Terrain!

Try an adventurous outdoor activity and experience adrenaline pumping in your veins and heart racing. Do you think you can handle this 4×4 beast in no road terrain? Ready to dash thru the forest, field, streams and snow? No problem here.Β Full protective equipment, activity instructors & transfers included. All you need to is show up at the reception wearing sports clothing. When do you want to start?

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Bubble Football – Funniest Game Ever πŸ“ Krakow

Even Soft-skinned Can Play Hard Here!

Ready to play bubble football – a hilarious type of soccer with a bubble-shaped backpack? A memorable experience in Krakow guaranteed! This game is more than just scoring – it is about bumping and rolling! During the activity, you will enjoy several other bubble games, like VIP and Last One Standing. Full protective equipment & transfers included. Call your friends and come!

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Airsoft Gun ASG – “No-Paintball” πŸ“ Krakow

Grab Your [Replica] Gun, Hide and Shoot!

Get your friends, colleagues or family together and enjoy the innocent battle with excitement and adrenaline. Play most wanted game scenarios that demand teamwork and tactics. You may have some tiny bruises after the hits, but surely no serious wounds. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included.

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White Water Rafting – Extreme River in Town πŸ“ Krakow

Want to Paddle Through Waves and Fight with Rapids?

Ready to experience the water flow the same as in the highest mountain streams without travelling far out of town? The extreme adventure you’ll remember for decades. Adrenaline spikes guaranteed. You will certainly tremble with positive emotions and be wet. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included. When do you want to start?

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Go-Karting Race – Speed on “Kubica’s” Track πŸ“ Krakow

More Fun than Racing at the Traffic Lights!

Get ready for exciting indoor go-kart racing in Krakow. Compete with your friends and spin the best lap time on modern karts. The winner stands on the podium. You will keep your lap times as a memento. Just pick most suitable package 16 or 32 minutes per person. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included.

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