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Hungry for Adventure in Krakow? You Are in the Right Place!

What Do We Bring to the Table?

First of all, we have many years of experience in providing activities for travellers that come to Krakow from all over the world.

Second of all, we – I mean founders & owners of Bumper Ball – are born in Krakow. So who knows the local market better than us?

A Spur-of-the-moment or Long-awaited Journey?

If you plan on your trip in advance we are happy to help you with arranging everything from the very start. We can sort out every single detail such as accommodation, airport transfers, booking tables in a restaurant so you can taste palatable Polish cuisine and, of course, we can provide you with adventure activities that are definitely our cup of tea. Don’t worry if you are already in town and want to do something that you will remember for a long time, for example white water rafting or playing bubble football near the Wawel Castle. We manage to organise it for you on short notice. Just write an email, give us a call or talk with our consultants on live-chat.

Various Groups from Various Locations

We host different groups which arrive to our lovely city for a stag or hen party, friends reunion or team building. We have experiences in our offer that are suitable for school classes or university groups, so they are welcome as well. No matter if you are a solo traveller, a couple or larger group, we will tailor an activity to your needs and expectations. We mainly deal with voyagers from Great Britain but people from Ireland, Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Australia or Italy enjoy our services too. Read our reviews on TripAdvisor, write to us in order to see how good our customer service is and finally, come to Krakow and let us be your provider of extremely good memories. If you read this post, stay on track, do a step forward and immerse in our world 😊

Which Activity Wanna Give it a Try?

White Water Rafting – Extreme River in Town

Paddle Through Waves and Fight with Rapids!

You’re about toΒ experience the water flow that equals the highest mountain streams. Extreme adventure to remember. Adrenaline spikes guaranteed. It is certain here that you will tremble with positive emotions and be totally wet.Β Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included.

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Bubble Football – Funniest Game Ever

Even Soft-skinned Can Play Hard Here!

Play Bubble Football for a hilarious and memorable experience in Krakow. Try your best to run and pass the ball with your upper body encased in a massive inflated bubble. Contact with other players will send you bumping and rolling. Enjoy a few other bubble games, like Sumo Wrestling and Last One Standing, before your time is up.Β Full protective equipment & transfers included.

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Paintball – “Fake-blood” Bullets Battle

Feel the Hit on Your Skin!

Get your team on the battle field and enjoy paint battle. Play most wanted battle game with exciting scenarios that demand teamwork and tactics. You may have some bruises after the hits and paint on overalls but surely no serious wounds. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included.

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Go Jumping – Trampoline Park

Go Crazy Jumping and Falling!

Let yourself be crazy for 60 minutes and get great new experience. Jump higher and do your freestyle on padded trampolines. Fall with no pain. Can you slum dunk like Michael Jordan? Will you do a somersault? Full equipment, instructors & transfers included.

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