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Quad Biking {in Krakow}

Amazing Ride in a Rough Terrain!

☑ 3 Options: 20, 30 & 60 min Ride · ☑ Protective Overalls · ☑ Return Transfers

Let It Thrill You

Are you tired of big city life? Would you like to try pure adrenaline pumping in your veins? Then quad-biking Krakow is a perfect option to try. Don’t hesitate, you won’t regret!

Quad Adventure in Krakow

Quad Biking is, no wonder, an outdoor activity. It takes place out of town in a rough terrain. This 4 wheeled vehicle will take you through mud, snow, stream, river and climb on almost every steep hill. It’s nothing like driving to work. Quads are very strong and accelerate in a second. At the same time they're easy to ride even if you've never done it before. Wearing helmet, goggles and overalls plus given health and safety instructions you're ready to go. Rapid rush of adrenaline, high heart rate will definitely make you feel happy. Will you dare to try?  Amazing memories guaranteed!

Best Attraction in Krakow

Chasing with your friends on a big, open spaces. Feeling wind on your face. Splashing water and mud all around you. Jumping on the hills and slopes. Quick and modern vehicle to your own disposal. Safe and exciting ride for half and hour. What are you waiting for?

Minutes of Pure Fun

We have prepared 3 options to pick from: 20, 30 and 60 minute rides.

The package includes all you need. We will pick you up from your hotel and take you there once the activity is finished. The venue is located about 35 minutes ride from the main square. You will be assisted by our English-speaking pilot. You will have 20, 30 or 60 minutes ride depending on your choice.

Perfect Clothes for Quads in Krakow

It's an outdoor activity that may be subjected to weather conditions so sports or casual dress code recommended. You will receive protective overalls so not to worry about mud on your clothes. The best idea will be to choose flat feet shoes.

20 min Ride with Transfers · Read More

✓ 20 minutes ride in a rough terrain

✓ Strong 400cc/250cc/150cc quads

✓ Full equipment (helmets, goggles, overalls)

✓ Quad-biking instructor

✓ English-speaking guide

✓ Duration: 1-2 hours

✓ Return transfers

30 min Ride with Transfers · Read More

✓ 30 minutes ride in a rough terrain

✓ Strong 400cc/250cc/150cc quads

✓ Full equipment (helmets, goggles, overalls)

✓ Quad-biking instructor

✓ English-speaking guide

✓ Duration: 2-2.5 hours

✓ Return transfers

60 min Ride with Transfers · Read More

✓ 60 minutes ride in a rough terrain

✓ Strong 400cc/250cc/150cc quads

✓ Full equipment (helmets, goggles, overalls)

✓ Quad-biking instructor

✓ English-speaking guide

✓ Duration: 2.5-3 hours

✓ Return transfers

      Thanks Hannah and Joanna for the lot of fun. You can even shoot the guide by paintball 🙂 Lot of fun, ideal for groups of friend who want to have something different (GoJump)

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Quad-Biking in Krakow -- This Is Going To Be A Great Adventure!

Why should I choose quad-biking Krakow adventure? Well, there are many reasons. One of them is that although it sounds dangerous and demanding it’s actually for everyone. Doesn’t matter how old you are, what is your gender or whether you have a driving license. It’s a perfect opportunity to have atypical date and introduce some sport rivalry between you two. Or invite your mother to have an exciting birthday surprise. Maybe masculine afternoon with your father? It’s also a popular option chosen for stag/hen nights. Of course before the crazy night. Quad-biking Krakow unique tour is a perfect option to run away from stagnation. Believe or not, the moment you accelerate is the moment your heart rate is rising as well!

One thing is sure - you won’t forget this for a long, long time. Beautiful landscapes, driving through the streams, steep slopes, feeling wind in your hair (or rather on your helmet) and feeling the speed of your vehicle is something a quad-biking in Krakow can offer you. Spoil yourself and lead the quad towards pure adventure. You may wonder whether it’s safe. Don’t be afraid! Quads are constructed in the way it’s difficult to capsize them. And much more steady than a standard bike.  Instructors will provide all necessary information, so that we know how to use quads in a safe way. They will assist you, no worries. Maybe you would prefer to sit together with someone you know to feel more secure? No problem at all! It’s up to you. You can also choose how much time you want to spend on this amazing option. Quad-biking Krakow can last 20, 30 or even 60 wonderful minutes. If you are not sure 20 minutes will be a perfect option. You will try and for sure you won’t regret. And the next time is going to be longer and even more exciting. Those, who want to have a full-time adventure and never have enough of  fun can choose one hour drive. Check some tripadvisor reviews to see how much fun quads can offer! Our happy clients are our best advertisement.

Does it matter whether it’s winter or summer? Are weather conditions important? Well, not really. The only difference will be the beauty of the landscape and temperature. But remember that with these speeds it will be always much cooler than ,,normally’’. Fortunately there will be an extra layer- overalls waiting for you. And, for security- a helmet. Overalls and helmets are required all year round independently from the weather and season. As you can see, everything will be prepared. Just don’t forget about comfortable clothes and flat heel shoes. Nothing should constrain you.

Quads in Krakow are often chosen by business clients to help to integrate and relax teams from corporations. If a long term deadline is finally over and you want to celebrate quad- biking is a perfect way to do it! Or maybe there are many  new members of your team and you are looking for something you can do together? Just book quad-biking trip and believe or not, after such an adventure everyone feels, that the ties between them are tightened.

Good thing about quad-biking in Krakow is that you don’t have to drive far away, and within 30 minutes you easily reach your destination. Also you don’t have to plan the whole day, take a day off. Although it’s a short time activity, its full of positive energy! We can compare it to bungee jumping. It doesn’t take much time but you what emotions are with you during the jump! Unforgettable, right? Short doesn’t mean not worth it. Rather condensed, huge and extreme portion of adrenaline and fun in 20, 30 or 60 minutes. Crazy heart beating, wind crushing on your face, splashing water or mood all around, losing your ground for a few seconds…

All those looking for atypical, original present have already found it! Doesn’t matter if it’s for a child, parent or grandparent. Imagine that this person receives another jumper, socks, some cosmetics. Not a big surprise, is it? What about giving to the ones you love something they don’t expect at all? Something that will shock them maybe for a while? A present that says: ,,I want you to do something you never did before. I want to give you something special. I know that you worked/ studied a lot recently, so here you are- have some fun.’’ Isn’t it a proof that you really care? The best idea is to buy an adventure for both of you. Spending time together, doing exciting things, chasing, laughing, becoming dirty… And admiring beautiful landscapes. Sometimes it’s worth to try something new, even if you are afraid whether it’s a good option for both of you. Probably some people think they will be afraid to accelerate or that they fall of the vehicle. But it’s up to you how fast you drive, and the ride is really, really safe. And breaking the ice leaves you satisfied and happy. Isn’t this feeling worth more than standard present and the smiles you will both have after having fun, worth a fortune?

Quad-biking in Krakow is also a perfect option for a group of friends. Planning stag night or hen night? Looks like you found perfect entertainment! Speeding and chasing each other, watching the fire and frying the sausages sounds like amazing atmosphere and a lot of fun. And the groom/bride to be won’t forget this entertainment for sure! Hen do is not another Saturday party, it’s a unique event which happens only once in a lifetime! It’s a top quality trip, just check what our happy clients are writing about it!

Friends reunion time! Do you remember how it was like in dormitory? Have your friends from university/ high school went to another cities and you lost contact with them? Weren’t they like a family  once? Haven’t you promised to keep in touch? Now it’s the big day. Friends Reunion! Maybe not that crazy like in American Pie, but still it can’t be boring! You were competing when you were students. Now you can check who is more courageous, faster and better driving. Sounds thrilling, isn’t it? Let professional company organize this day for you. Our high ratings and thousands of happy clients vouch top quality of the service. It’s safe and thrilling in the same time. And sounds much more exciting than just having a beer together, isn’t it? We can recommend you a restaurant and make a reservation. Probably you realize that during the lunchtime it’s not that easy to find a place in good restaurant. Especially for bigger group. Let us think about it, we will pick you up, drive safely to the destination place, send our trusted pilot with you and arrange a delicious meal. After so many emotions you will be hungry for sure. And you need a time to talk about the adventure you just had and, of course, about all this time you haven’t seen each other.

School class trip? Quad-biking in Krakow is a perfect option for a school trip!

Do you have good grades to celebrate? Maybe a nice spring day to plan? Let’s forget about standard ice-cream and cinema. They already sit 8 hours at school and a few more at home doing their homework and in front of computers. What they need is nature, fresh air, rivalry, some adrenaline, having a campfire and chatting together. Doesn’t is sound better than regular sitting activity, not demanding from their young brains too much? Quad-biking and bbq let them spend time on the fresh air and involve them in an activity. While  some of them will be riding, others will have a chance to fry sausage and watch the fire. What is more, the bigger group you have, the cheaper it is, so it’s worth to invite the whole class. Best value and quality guaranteed! And wouldn’t it be funny to watch the teacher trying his best to drive correctly and safely?

No matter what the occasion is, quads are great opportunity to relax and forget about your every day for a while. Break out of monotony, leave schedule of the day. Actually, do you even need an occasion? Why won’t you do something for yourself? You deserve it! Even little success needs to be appreciated. Success in a job? In family life? Diet is working, you saved some money, didn’t forget about mother-in-law’s birthday this year? Good enough. Reward yourself. Spoil for one moment. Book your adventure. Zip the overall. Put on the helmet. And accelerate. It may be raining. You may get dirty. Sweat. Be scared and insecure. But in the end you will be satisfied for sure.

Please, remember that  the bigger the group is, the lower is the price ( per person). What is more, for groups bigger than 6 people hiring quads for minimum 30 minutes we also organize bonfire and sausages included in price. Just to make your waiting pleasant. So you basically book quad-biking and bbq in the same price! Good deal, isn’t it?