Change the paintball for laser beam!

Laser Tag is another shooting activity. Weapons are laser guns, bullets are laser beams. Laser Tag arena looks like a maze with lots of hiding places, corners and dead ends. The game is in almost total darkness. Music of your choice plays in the background and keeps you in a combat alertness. Your eyes wide open, high heart rate, quick breath. It means you're ready for the tackle. We have most wanted and most satisfying game scenarios for you: team vs team and solo in a death match.

Laser Tag doesn't leave bruises like paintball does. During the game you wear an electronic vest stuffed with laser sensors that react with a red light when you get hit. 

The package includes all you need. We will pick you up from your hotel and take you there once the activity is finished. The venue is located about 25 minutes ride from the main square. You will be assisted by our English-speaking pilot. You will have 60 minutes of Laser Tag game scenarios. You will receive a laser gun and electronic vest. It's an indoor activity so no need for special clothing. Sports or casual dress code recommended.

60 mins game incl. transfers

✓ Different game scenarios

✓ Full equipment

✓ English-speaking guide

✓ Duration: 1-2 hours

✓ Return transfers