Use your brain to leave the room!

Escape room, or in other words a real life escape game, is one of the most popular games now. You allow to be locked up in a room for 60 minutes. Getting out it's not that easy as you don't have a key. You have to find it. You enter the room with 3 or 4 friends and as a team you need to solve many logical, mathematical and mechanical riddles. Team work is a must here as there are too many puzzles for one person.

We have many different rooms in our offer (e.g. Krakow beast, Pirates ship, Inca treasure, Mars expedition, Mystery room!) and for sure you will find the one for you. When you enter the room you need to have clear mind and trusted friends.

The package includes all you need. We will pick you up from your hotel and take you there once the activity is finished. The venue is located about 15 minutes ride from the main square. You will be assisted by our English-speaking pilot. You will have 60 minutes of real live escape game. You will be locked up with your team mates. 4-5 people enter one room. 23 rooms available. At the end you will have some time to discuss with the staff all the riddles.

60 mins game incl. transfers

✓ 60 minutes of real life escape game

✓ 23 rooms available, 4-5 person in each

✓ English-speaking guide

✓ Duration: 1-2 hours

✓ Return transfers