Even soft-skinned can play hard!

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It’s a football with upper body inside an inflated bubble. Some people call it Bubble Football, some Bubble Soccer, few Zorb Football or Zorb Soccer. However you may want to call it, it’s a great fun in a first place!

While playing you will still be able to run and kick the ball, however you will be slightly off-balanced. Smashing with your opponents will make you bump and roll, and certainly laugh.

Besides Bubble Football you will also play a bunch of other bubble games including VIP, Last One Standing  & Sumo Wrestling.

The package includes all you need. We will pick you up from your hotel and take you there once the activity is finished. The venue is located about 25 minutes ride from the main square. You will be assisted by our English-speaking pilot. You will have 60 minutes game. Before you put the bubble on you will be instructed how to use it safely and make most fun of the game without hurting anyone including yourself. To prepare your body for this activity we also provide 15 minutes warm up with a professional fitness trainer. For knee protections we will give you knee pads. To quench thirst and keep you hydrated you will have a bottle of electrolyte soft drink. Read FAQ.

91% of our TripAdvisor reviewers say this game is Excellent (rating 5/5), 9% say this game is Very Good (rating 4/5). Don't believe us, but it's definitely worth giving it a try when you live in Krakow or you come here for a visit!

1h15min game incl. transfers

✓ Bubble Games:

→ Bubble football


→ Last one standing

→ Bubble sumo

✓ Warm up with a Pro-Trainer

✓ English-speaking game instructor

✓ Refreshments

✓ Knee pads

✓ Venue rental (indoor or outdoor)

✓ Duration: 1-2 hours

✓ Return transfers



How to prepare for the Bubble Football?
All you need to do is take your sports clothes and shoes with you.
Is it safe to play Bubble Football?
The equipment fully protects your upper body; your legs are subjected to risk as in regular football game. Following the instructions and body warm up exercises increase level of your safety during the Bubble Football. We recommend using bumper balls wisely. Very important: wearing bumper balls gives you extra upper body protection however it does not make you immortal!
Is there any age limit of a bumper ball player?
Yes, there is. Players have to have at least 13 years of age.
Is there any weight limit of a bumper ball player?
Yes, there is and equals to 100 kilograms (15stones and 10 pounds).
What can you do in bumper balls?
We have different scenarios of the games based on bumper balls: - Bubble Football - VIP - SUMO Wrestling - Last One Standing All of them are called the Bubble Games.
What do you have trainers at events for?
As Bubble Games are also sport activities it is believed that proper body warm up decreases susceptibility to injuries. Our trainers are professionals in a field of sport and fitness and you will guide you trough full body warm up exercises.
What is a bumper ball?
It's an inflatable 1,5 meter diameter bubble which, when worn, is used in Bubble Games to provide you with absolutely new feelings when bumping and rolling with no harms! Bumper balls have padded harness and handles mounted inside the ball and which are easily adjusted to get the perfect fit and safety.
Where can I play?
We organise games both indoor (sport halls) and outdoor (football pitch, flat green grass).

Bubble Football

"Kick, Bump & Roll!"

Players wear the bubbles. Regular football match in teams of 4, 5 or 6 players. No fouls, no outs nor corners!

Protect VIP

"Save your Boss!"

Two teams: gangsters and bodyguards including VIP. Gangsters aim to "kill" VIP. Bodyguards protect VIP and take him safely to the base. Gangsters win when VIP is knocked down. Bodyguards win when VIP reaches the base.


"Knock'em down!"

SUMO wrestling in teams.

Last One Standing

"Bump'em all!"

Typical death match, no teams: each player plays against the others. Those knocked down mustn’t stand up again. Last standing player wins.