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Airsoft Gun (ASG) {in Krakow}

Grab Your [Replica] Gun, Hide and Shoot!

☑ 400 Rounds · ☑ Most Wanted Game Scenarios · ☑ Return Transfers

ASG or Airsoft Gun in another game that brings you closer to become a soldier. There are many game scenarios that demand teamwork. Definitely, being quick, agile and strategic thinker helps a lot on a battlefield. You get a real gun - it looks like real, but obviously the bullets aren't real. Plastic bullets hit quite hard and leave tiny bruises. You also get dressed in protective and masking overalls and put the mask on your face.

The ASG arena has lots of hiding places and walls. 

We have prepared most wanted option: 400 bullets.

The package includes all you need. We will pick you up from your hotel and take you there once the activity is finished. The venue is located about 25 minutes ride from the main square. You will be assisted by our English-speaking pilot. You will have 400 bullets but you can buy more if you like. You will receive protective overalls so not to worry about getting mud on your clothes.

400 Bullets with Transfers · Read More

✓ 400 bullets per person

✓ Different game scenarios

✓ More bullets to buy

✓ Full equipment (overalls, replica guns, masks)

✓ Game instructor

✓ English-speaking guide

✓ Duration: 1-2 hours

✓ Return transfers

      It was a great experience. The play made us relaxed. We were delighted and it brought us a lot of fun. We recommend it for all, no matter how old you are.

    thumb Anna P